Our Unattractive Society.

Image is seen as everything. It's rarely admitted but 99.999999999999% of us judge based on image. We all try to conform and fit in with the so called "desired" image that we "should" be.

For guys this might be the well chiseled bad boy that almost all girls dream of.
For girls this might be the well toned model look that almost all guys have daydreamed about marrying (don't even deny it guys, you have stopped and wondered about the person you'll eventually settle with).

But why should we try and fit in with these set images? Why should we be made to feel worthless and pathetic for a little bit of, what I call, squish on our bodies, or because we genetically haven't been coded to be tall, slim, muscled, fast etc. etc.
Evidence of society managing to make us feel worthless lies around everywhere, I'm an example.
I've been told I'm "attractive", "perfect", "amazing", a "dream boy"- Girls I have liked or been with have described me as this. I've heard them all more than once and fake a smile every time purely because in the back of my mind I know that those girls see the "ideal" guys mentioned at the top and they can't help but want that, and that isn't me. Not even a little bit. I'm not toned, I'm not chiseled, I'm the furthest thing from a "bad boy" so I've hammered into my mind that I'm worthless until I am all of those things because why would anyone want me if I wasn't those things? Society has made me think this way, but you know what? 

Society is ugly and you/we are amazing.
Everyone is unique with their own tastes and styles but trends alter in life, they plaster images everywhere of the type of person we should either like or aspire to be but fuck that. It's bullshit.
Opposites attract for a reason, the most beautiful relationships I've ever been fortunate to witness have been between the two most unlikely of people. The nerd and the popular girl, the slightly bigger girl and the toned guy, the short guy and the tall girl. The relationships that look past image are the most beautiful and it's those that we need to plaster everywhere not these modern day Ken and Barbie gym/steroid addicts. 

People laugh when the underdog, an example being the intelligent but shy guy, falls for the "perfect" person, the highly attractive and outgoing girl for example.
But it happens and it turns out better than anyone ever expects, the laughers are silenced with jealousy and the two people are happier than ever before for looking past the image and seeing the person holding it up. 

You don't believe this happens? It's happening to me as we speak- the beautiful girl noticed the awkward guy who likes to sit alone and better yet, she noticed him first and made the first move.

You are only as beautiful as you feel. No, you can't be attractive to everyone, so why try? Be happy with who you are as a person. If you want to better yourself that's fine, but make sure you're only doing it for you and you alone, not society and the "image" it desires. 

"To the world you are nothing, a tiny speck on a grand structure. But to someone else you could be their world entirely without even knowing" 

The Teen Rambler,

David J.W..(@_DavidJWalsh)

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