Our Valentine's Recap

My husband and I hate Valentine's Day with a passion. Mostly, because we consider it a Hallmark Holiday mostly aimed at selling stuff. Since we're all against the gift part but all for the love and romance, we decided to have a nice, cozy V-+Day celebration at home with the kids.


A few days earlier, I told my husband, who usually takes care of dinner during the week because I come home from work late, that he wouldn't have to take care of dinner since I had plans.


The plan was as follows:

Caprese salad for the hubby and me (the girls hate tomatoes)

Home-made, heart-shaped pizza

Chocolate mousse with a home-made cherry topping


I guess, it was quite a success! When I got home, Lily's friend was a bout to head out; we had a little good-bye drama as only 5-year olds can celebrate it, afterward, Lily returned right to the "I'm going to get PIZZA"-mode. The girls watched me making the pizza. Richard and I had the salad while the girls ate their pizza and dessert.


After dinner, we spent the evening playing games, listening to music and cuddling on the couch reading books. Once bath-time arrived, the hubby and I took care of the girls together; he read Violet a good-night story, I read to Lily and cuddled her to sleep.


Afterward, it was couple's time. Hubby and I enjoyed a pizza dinner with champagne and a movie. Thanks to LoveFilm, we got "Dark Shadows" just in time.


For us, it was a perfect V-Day  :-)

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