Our Very Own Hermit, Foiled Again!

One thing you just don’t get from public school is intel on birthday party invitations that my Aspie fourteen year old may have chucked out so I wouldn’t see it and he wouldn’t have to go.  Yes, I did say fourteen year old; so, I should maybe cut the public school some slack as it ain’t normal for teachers and parents to coordinate the social life of a 7th grader.  Well, actually, that’s the problem with public school — they don’t get this is exactly the type of support an Aspie needs, but that is for a different post.  

I am still getting used to Hotspur’s new school team.  We’re completing his first year at Hope Academy and the teaching staff and social workers are top notch and amazing individuals.  Yes, they need some guidance, but what they understand about Aspie Boy is so above the experience public school staff has it would make one weep.  Case in point:  today I get an email from the social worker about an upcoming PPT.  She also shares that  after the school’s end of the year party next Friday, one of the student’s is having a birthday part and all the students are invited.  However, one of Hal’s teacher’s overheard him tell another student that he would not be going to the party.  Hal’s A Team immediately recognized this as a social opportunity outside of school that he would benefit from and hence the outreach to me.  A recent parent/teacher conference had given us an opportunity to enlighten the teachers to Hal’s ability to BS his way out of things, telling the school folks one thing while his parents heard a different version of info.  

When the boy got home, I asked for any school papers or info, like maybe birthday party invites, he might have for me.  He knew immediately he’d been foiled and began to build his case why he shouldn’t have to to go the party.  Social anxiety, social isolation, these are a few of my least favorite things.


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