Our Worm Farm Adventure! (An Update.)

Our worm farms today... the worms have eaten all the lettuce leaves we put in there from before. The red and green you can sort of see in there is from the tops of strawberries we had with breakfast this morning. :)

If you haven't read my previous post, which described how to put the worm farms together, you can find it here.

I've been checking the worm farms every other day or so, and had started seeing a ton of baby worms in the soil last week. They sort of look like tiny rice noodles, a sort of translucent white. There were also a ton more centipedes in there, as well as some tiny flies that made me feel particularly glad that I covered the holes in the lid with paper towel (see picture above... for the paper towel. The flies really are too tiny to get any sort of a picture with the camera I'm working with.) The last time we looked in on them was a few days ago, and there were still tons of the same lettuce leaves and banana peels we'd placed in there when we first put them together. The lettuce even looked fresh. The boys have been kind of excited to see the baby worms in there, but quickly got bored with looking into the bottle when there weren't any larger worms.

When I looked in on them today, there wasn't a single lettuce leaf or piece of banana peel in either container, and we spotted a few large worms in each bottle. There were also a bunch more baby worms, centipedes, but fewer flies. The boys were super excited, and wanted to hold the worms. I had to explain that we'd have to dump the whole thing out to get to them, but they don't care. We're leaving them in for now, though, because it really seems to be working great. I have a large blue plastic bin sitting on our back porch that I may turn into a proper worm farm later in the summer or early fall. At that point, I'll probably dig these guys out and put them into that one (sans the centipedes and flies, of course!) For now, I'll feed them some more lettuce leaves, veggie peels, and some shredded newspaper and tuck them back into the dark cabinet. The soil is also looking a bit muddy, so I'll add some fresh, dryer soil tomorrow.

Until the next post (which will hopefully be later today, or it probably won't happen until Monday), here is a creation of Stormageddon's for your viewing pleasure...

Stormageddon calls this "The Worm House", but I think it's more like "The Worm Tomb". Yes, he actually dug out a bunch of worms from the compost and buried them in there, thus making yet another attempt to earn the nickname "Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All".

He insisted that I take a picture of it the day we put the worm farms together.

~Just a Mom

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