7 Unique Ideas For Your Kids' Teachers' Gifts This Holiday Season

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Listen, I don't mean to alarm you, but the gift-giving season is fast approaching. Like, warp speed fast. Like, scary fast.

If you don't want to be caught shopping at the very last minute, now is the time to get your act together—especially if you have kids in school and you're the type that likes to gift the teacher.

The truth is that school ends before Christmas Day, so you need to get in gear now if you want to thank your kids' teacher for putting up with all of their antics thus far this school year!

Now, I know you have 18 different gift ideas pinned to your School Teacher Gift Ideas board.

  • Hand soap with a tag that reads "wishing you a holiday season filled with joy and hope soap."
  • A reusable coffee mug that reads, "Warm winter wishes."

They're cute. They are.

But every other parent in your kids' class also has those gift ideas pinned. Your kid's teacher probably doesn't need peppermint-scented soap to last until July... unless she really likes peppermint.

And so I want to encourage you to think out of the Pinterest app box this holiday season and give your kids' teachers what they really need.

Ask Your Kids' Teachers What They Really Need

No, really. Just ask. I know, it kind of removes some of the surprise of gifting, but if your kids' teacher is struggling to get enough supplies for the classroom, a gift of those supplies would be greatly appreciated.

Get All the Teachers and All the Parents Involved with a Gifting Tree

This one involves more than a simple conversation with your child's teacher but could really benefit the entire school.

On a tree in the lobby or entry way of your school, have teachers hang tags with what supplies and books they want or need for their classroom. Parents can then visit the tree, grab a tag and gift the teacher.

This version of helping out the classroom is less direct than asking but involves a little more work and participation by all. This helps ensure that teachers who may not have any parents able to gift in their classroom this year still get some help this holiday season.

Variations on theme include a Book Tree to get books for the classroom and a Volunteer Tree to get more volunteers in for holiday special events.

Wrap Your Teachers' Presents

Teachers are busy this time of year too. Get a few parents together and ask the teacher to bring in a few unwrapped presents (someone suggested six, but it would be up to you) for you to wrap.

Bring all of your prettiest wrapping paper and bows and tags and make those presents really beautiful. Your kids' teacher will be grateful for the time and the effort. (Also, please come wrap my presents. I'm horrible at it.)

'Tis the season

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Check Out the Teacher's Wish List on Scholastic

Does your child bring home Scholastic Book Orders? Does your kids' teacher have an online account where you can submit your order? Chances are the teacher also has a small wishlist set up.

Simply log in to your child's classroom, click on Recommendations & Wishlist, and then click on the button that says Classroom Wish List. Buy a book (or two!) from the list, wrap 'em up, and write on the card that they're for the classroom.


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