Out of the Clouds of Deceit by David Canning

Betrayal and death shape RAF officer Aidens life in Out of the Clouds of Deceit by David Canning, which is set during The Cold war.

Out of the Clouds of Deceit a novel set in the post WW 11 period will appeal to fans of historical and military fiction.  The story starts in 1948, with Aiden, the main character, training to fly bombers in the RAF.  A comradeship is formed between Aiden and another pilot, Dennis, who lost his brother in the war.  During their training the two friends listen to stories told by veteran pilots.  The friends begin to understand a sense of betrayal felt by the older bomber crews who flew bombing campaigns in the Second World War. 

Aiden meets Margaret, another central character in the story, when the two friends are visiting a bar.  Tragically, Dennis is killed in a terrible accident just before their training has been completed.  Dennis’ death and Aiden's need for love and domesticity drives him to marry Margaret. 

The novel is full of details straight from England in the 50s and 60s and the lives of two ordinary people struggling with relationships, work, misunderstanding and eventually profound tragedy. At the beginning of the story the focus is on the RAF pilots, their life and training.  As it develops the characters of Aiden and his wife Margaret are brought to life with sensitivity.
The author David Canning has achieved a balance in his portrayal of historical events and the personal side of those involved.  I found the beginning of the book rather slow. But as the story and characters developed, found it hard to put down the book.


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