Out of Forehead Experience: The Dark Side of Botox

Ok, I admit it.  I’ve had Botox - once.  I had it done to the lines on my forehead.  The shots were basically painless, which is a good thing (but, we’re women, pain is irrelevant) And, the Botox did work in pretty much eliminating the lines.  Temporarily, of course.  The results lasted maybe 6 weeks.  But, here’s the kicker: I could not raise my eyebrows, at all, period.  It was like my forehead no longer belonged to me.  It wasn’t really numb to the touch, but I had absolutely no muscle control of the area.  It freaked me out!  “Surprise” was not an emotion I could facially convey for 6 entire weeks.  (Thank God I didn’t win the Publishers’ Clearinghouse sweepstakes during this time.)  Would I do Botox again?  Yeah, I probably would, because it did work.  But, I will be mentally prepared next time for the “Out of Forehead Experience”.



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