Out With The Old

My boyfriend is a minimalist. Before he moved in, I had to make room for him. I tossed a lot and donated a lot. I still manage to feel cluttered with half of the stuff I have. What does it take to become a minimalist? Is it having no attachments to things? Well I don't have a strong attachment to many things. I constantly go thru my things and toss and donate. Where does the stuff still come from? It's not like I am buying stuff. I hate shopping. Is it a religion? I don't think so. But I feel it's a way of life. I don't think I've totally understand it yet. My boyfriend lives be this code "If I haven't touched it in 6 months then I don't need it." I am more a year type. However lately I'm feeling like a week. I feel cluttered. I need to purge again. I think it's the paper. I need to become digital. Must scan them in. Maybe I'll take up scanning them. Another project I do not have time for. But it will save a lot of space. Maybe I should take some to work. Use the big scanner there. We'll see. Whatever makes a minimalist is foreign to me. I should find a class or I should make my boyfriend drill it into me. Whatever it is, it escapes me. Argh!!! Someone help!!!!


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