Outdoor Fabrics are NOT just for Outdoors!

Your kids spend a few short minutes playing rough-and-tumble in the family room, and it looks like a hurricane has ripped through your home. How can you protect your furniture from this sticky-fingered, rough-housing onslaught? Upholster the room in fabric that can withstand a hurricane, of course.

Outdoor fabrics are no longer characterized by the rough, stiff canvases of decades past. New acrylic production processes are allowing outdoor durability to become one with indoor elegance. High performance fabrics manufactured by Sunbrella are good-looking, but virtually indestructible. They’re easily cleaned with soap and water, fade and mildew resistant, and they can, in fact, withstand a hurricane – outdoors or inside.

The most impressive feature of this new material is how delicate and stylish it can be.

Girly blue paisley in the living room is impervious to juice, pets, and your neighbor’s criticizing eye…but feels soft and comfortable to the touch.

Dare to decorate with white – you’ll even be able to serve red wine at the party to unveil your design.

For photos: TheHome.com

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