Outdoor gal turns tech savy??? baaaaahahaha we....will....see...

        Well, well, well, never in a million years would this gal have thought she would be a "blogger"! They do say life is too short not to enjoy the little things and take chances! I happen to agree most definitely! Who knew a total outdoor fanatic could go all modern day and start a blog!

        Guess I best introduce myself, my name is Jess and I reside in the northern areas of sunny California. I am currently a single mother to the most amazing outdoor partner a gal could ask for! I have a signifigant other who happens to be my best friend and keeps me on my toes when it comes to the outdoors. He happens to be the most competitive man on the planet and we are constantly looking for ways to one up each other!!! I bring home a giagantic turkey opening weekend with my daughter, well psssshhh he goes into the backyard and arrows an arrow with his bow!!! May I just state, this is no easy feat.....dang it, I have to admit I was extremely impressed!

            hunter @ Kids,Ducks,Buck, & More


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