The Outdoor Playground= Indoor Style (for our asthma dudes)

Henry Ward Beecher: It is not what we take up, but what we give up, that makes us rich.

We created an indoor paradise just for the dudes. Now that we know what we are dealing with health-wise, we decided, hey, let's just strip the entire house bare and make it all for them.

So we did.

I know some of you have been interested in seeing what we created. It's not finished yet. I have to set up the arts and crafts table, which I hopefully will do sometime this week. The sports tunnel/ballpit thingy. Receive the climbing wall/fort. And we have to take the table and chairs off the covered deck and replace it with a jumping thing that we can inflate and drag in and out of the house.

Sacrifice by the GREAT Elton John

We aren't putting kid stuff on the walls. It's just a place for them to play. Because the dudes are active. I mean, they rarely if ever, stop. Winters here are brutal and the cold flares their asthma. Big time. While I have a double sled waiting... and ready for the snow... most days will be spent playing and learning.

I still also have to put together the canvas bookcase. We have a zillion books for them in Greek and English. The toys are bilingual Greek/English as well. Yes, the dudes are bilingual.

We are adding another row of the playmat, to protect the floor but also their little bodies. To clean this monster of a floor (which is bought at Walmart, by the way, in section of 6 I believe, see how massive we made it) we use a steam cleaner. The steam cleaner ROCKS for everything from hardwood to carpet. It is environmentally friendly and just uses water, and creates a very hot water. The pad is literally BLACK when I get done and most of the time I have to use two pads to properly clean the floor from their little paws.

The plus of the steam cleaner is that no chemicals are used. That's the best. I hate to think of them being exposed to any chemicals, even the "Green Clean" stuff is chemicals. So the steam cleaner is fast and easy. Here is an example of one. Reliable Steamboy T1. This is exact one we have.

OK so now, I guess I should be showing the photos of the Outdoor Playground, Indoor style. We're all about the kids. We could care less about guests though the sofa and two chairs still stand. The rest of the furniture is stored in various rooms and all the A/V equipment is in our bedroom on lockdown.

Why lockdown?

Well, at the Student Center where we volunteer with teens -- N wrecked the sound system. He saw the A/V equipment and ran to it and started pushing buttons. Suddenly, the sound went away. It took a while for the A/V guy at the Center to figure out what he'd done. I am not exactly a media master so, we locked everything down. They play all day, and there is no TV watched or videos, at all. I read books (they love these books that are touch and feel ones) and we play games and they slide, use the crocodile teeter totter, we play soccer, go on the deck sometimes and play there, when the art and craft table is set up, I will be going to town with them.

You can see pics of them using that magnetic board thingie, just scribbles now but soon it will be letters, I think.

I wish I had before and after pics but I don't. It's been a while since I took a photo of the inside of our house. Our house is pretty much like walking into a Frank Lloyd Wright house. We are really into Craftsman style furniture and all that. So picture that, I guess... and then see the difference!

It's all about keeping them healthy -- but they go NUTS when they can't go outside so, this is our concession for the winter.

We have a condo so we could not put anything outside anyway, even if we wanted to.

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