Outlived - a song in 30 minutes

The biggest bane of a musician would be the search for perfection”

Sometimes you know a song still has miles of improvement on it but you just cannot figure out the how's or why's of it. Outlived was one such story for us.

The composition of the track was based on a weird concept - we would work on a song for only 30 minutes.This included the time for writing lyrics, scores and vocals. Whatever was done in 30 min would be what we would work with in the mixing. The concept was challenging for any sort of musician - a vocalist or a song writer.

Outlived is essentially a social commentary on the new wave of changes in the Indian society. Corporate life, stress, dichotomy between the eastern and western cultures - all of these together present a complex web of problems that seem very difficult to navigate. 

In his early days of schooling at the National Institute of Technology, Jaipur, India, The Cocoknot Theori's composer, Nithin spent a lot of time at a 'Minar' in the Nahargarh fort. The song draws from those experiences and speaks of a person who is able to look down into different aspects of the city from the top of this hill. 

He can see people in the nightclubs, the farmers in the fields and a wide plethora of people that make up any modern city in India. 

Hope you enjoy this song - now that you have a background.


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