Outside the Box

Outside The Box


The meeting of the blogging minds.  Bloggers Anonymous Meeting.  Or
the Breakfast Bloggers as I like to call us.  However you want to look
at it, that is what happened on friday morning and noon and a little
bit after noon.  Lordy I don't know how we do it.  Five women getting
together for a 'quick' breakfast and ending up done at 3:00ish.  That
would be pm not am by the way.  We're not that bad....yet.

I walk away fascinated each and every time we get together.  I also walk away with a little more knowledge of each lady.  Debbie, Emma (gone private darn it), Dawn and I met for breakfast
this time instead of the usual coffee shop.  That's right.  Now we have
two meeting places.  What was really nice this time however, was Aims was able to join us.  Then later on, Sirdar
showed up for a bit.  Even though he wasn't feeling good and we didn't
let him talk much, he stuck around to eat and it was great seeing him
and being able to say hi.

As usual the conversation flowed like it was the first time we all
met.  Always something to say, always a discussion to be had.  Each one
trying to get to know the next a little bit better.  And it's what I
love about these ladies.  A discussion can be had and then it's over
with and the next discussion is on the table.  I like how we can say "I
just don't get that" or "I don't necessarily agree" and that's it. 
Accepting each others views and opinions.  A rare thing for women to
do.  Sorry ladies, but so often it's true.

An excellent discussion this breakfast was on the subject of being
put in a 'box'.  And for all you smart alecs out there it's not being
put literally in a box.  A question was asked and everyone
but one woman answered.  When pushed a bit she said it was because she
felt people are often put in a 'box' if certain things are said. 
Which, I believe, everyone at the table respected and she never did
answer the question.  It did however create a fantastic discussion
amongst the ladies.  You all know the 'box' right?  As a stay at home
mom I know all about being put in a box.  As someone who only has a
high school education and volunteers with people who all just happen to
have teaching degrees or are geophysicists, etc., I am well aware I may
be put in a box from the more educated people out there.  Religion? 
Don't even get started on religion.  Each religion said out loud most
likely brings a vision to your mind.  A box.  How about people who
swear?  To those who don't swear, perhaps those of us who do are put in
a box.  And vice versa.  Smokers, drinkers, knitters, bakers.  Each
one, when said, forming certain visions in your head on what they are
or perhaps what you've heard they are.  A Box.  It's endless really.

Now because I've always been known for being slightly outside the box, which of course means there's a box for that called the looney bin box no doubt,
I have always answered loud and proud that I'm a stay at home mom.  Not
as educated as the next person?  I may not be as loud and proud about
not having a secondary education but I always say it didn't work out
that way for me and I will tell anyone who asks.  I don't go further, I
don't explain myself, I just say it like it is.  Does it mean I'm
stupid because I may not have a degree?  I'll let you in on a little
secret.  I volunteer with a lot of people who have degrees and I assure
you having a degree doesn't necessarily make them smarter then me. 
Which of course means I put a lot of the people I volunteer with in a
box.  That would be the educated holier then thou box in case you're

So you can see we had an excellent breakfast because I'm still
thinking of our conversations.  The great thing about it was, we could
just discuss a great topic.  Each of us having an opinion on the
subject, maybe agreeing, maybe not agreeing.  It didn't really matter. 
Fantastic in my books.

And for those who have asked, the Breakfast Bloggers consisted of....

We have the two younger ladies, Emma and Debbie.  Both the same age
I believe.  Then you have Dawn and I who are not quite a year a part
but would make us 10 years older then Emma and Debbie.  And then we
have Aims.  Who is older then Dawn and I by, well I won't say because
I'm not sure if 'age' is a big thing or not.  Sirdar who came for a
visit is Dawn's husband and he isn't much older then Dawn and I I'm
guessing.  Then we come to the children.  Now it's only been a meeting
of the blogging ladies, but children are definitely discussed once in
awhile.  After all, four of us are moms.  Emma has four
children ranging in age from babes to teens.  Debbie has two children
who are not babies but not teenagers.  Which would make them a few
years younger then teenagers.  Dawn has four children ranging in age
from tweens to teens.  I have three children, teens and adults.  Ok
technically all teens but once they turn 18, in my home anyway, if
you're legally an adult then by golly you're an adult.  So one teen,
two adults for me.  You probably thought I forgot Aims.  I didn't. 
Aims does not have children so we made her sit at another table.

We are a unique and diverse bunch of ladies.  Each one going through
different stages of ours lives.  I do think this shows you what kind of
a group we are though because no matter what stage you are in
your life, whether it be with babes in arms or not even having
children, whether you are younger or older, no matter what your views
or beliefs are, if you are a man and yes, even if you are an arm
crosser.  In our group?  All are accepted.  Although there's never any
guarantee you won't be made fun of at any given time.  We can sit for
hours on end talking, discussing, joking and laughing.  I guess you can
say we have now created our own box.  The Breakfast Blogger's Box. 
Which I won't say five times in a row, but I would be proud to wear on a t-shirt any day.


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