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Question: Are potatoes vegetables or not?

Most of you are likely to say they're surely a vegetable, since they grow in the ground just like carrots and belong to the root plants. So, obviously they're vegetables.


Now, if you're Dutch, on the other hand, you'll answer this question with a big NO. The idea of considering potatoes as part of your daily vitamin intake is ridiculous. Lots of Dutch don't even consider them as healthy (or even appetizing, which is a big shame).

I used to share this potatoes-are-not-vegetables idea, until I started hanging around with the French. They (along with the rest of the world by the way) consider the potato in all its forms a vegetable, even when it's made into puree or crisps. This means I've seen some strange things at dinner tables, or at least they were strange for me, not knowing any better than that potatoes were by no means to be considered as healthy as, let's say, beets.

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