Over-50 Olympics: The "This Ain't No Game" Games

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I've always loved the Olympics.  I can't say that I watch as much of it on TV as I did when I was younger.  Not sure if that's because I don't have as much free time, or because there are so many other viewing choices since the advent of cable TV.  But, still, who can't help but get that warm and fuzzy, patriotic feeling watching our young, strapping Olympic athletes in the prime of their life, accomplishing their ultimate goal, while the rest of us lead a disappointing, unfulfilled exis..... oh, wait, that's me, but anyway.....

I'm thinking..... What if there was an Olympics for the 50 and Over competitor?  How cool would that be?  Give us 'mature' people a chance to strut our stuff on the World Stage!

Senior sports via shutterstock

So, here I offer my suggestions to the Olympic Committee for some Over-50 Olympic events that I just know would draw big TV ratings.


Mixed Up Pairs

Individual Foreplay

Rhythmic Flatulence

Grandchild Lifting

Synchronized Snoring

Viagra-KY Wrestling

Hocking Up a Lug-e

And finally, the Heading Downhill event.

I'm thinkin' I and/or the husband could be the Captain of several of these Teams.


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