Overdoing it with large rocks when small pebbles work best

Took my kids to a friend's place on the weekend.  She and her husband live on a wonderful country lot in a beautiful home.  We decided to go outside for a walk and pick some greenery for Christmas decorations.  DD wanted to go exploring in the bush which we did for a little while.  DS was not impressed.  He kept trying to drag me out of the bush and, for as an parent of a child with Autism, "dragging" is usually very successful.  I thought that he was getting overwhelmed by the extra sensory input from the evergreens, grasses, sounds of the wind blowing through the trees, new smells, etc.  When we made our way out of the bush, he became hyperfocussed on throwing rocks into the pond...and I'm not talking little pebbles, but big rocks that he needed two hands to pick up.
He was so happy picking up oversized rocks and trying to throw them far enough to make the great big "kerplunk" into the water.  Whenever he couldn't throw it far enough, I had to hold him back so he wouldn't fall down the mini hill to get the same rock and throw it again to hear that satisfying "kerplunk".  DD had a great time too, picking up smaller pebbles and throwing them into the water, and then doing a cute little happy dance each time.
It was at this moment that I had an "aha moment" related to organizing our homes (inspiration comes from everywhere!).  How often do we pick up the "big rock" that is way too big to throw it, and therefore have to do the same job twice to get the desired outcome?  We set goals to "get organized" and that is such a HUGE goal that it's unachieveable.  Break it down by room, then break the room down into smaller tasks...and only do one at a time!  We're moms.  We don't have hours at a time to declutter large areas. 
Don't put something away to "deal with later"...that means you have to do the job a second time and honestly, that's what you've been doing thus far.  Take some time to strategize what you want from the space. 
Do NOT go out and buy organizational tools (baskets, drawers, etc) until you know HOW you will use them.  For example, why do you need a fancy box when an empty Kleenex box can do the same job inside a drawer?  Just cut off the top of the box and it's extremely useful. 
So, today, decide to take 15 minutes to throw just a small rock into the pond, and put away one pile of clutter that annoys you the most.  Do your own little happy dance afterwards if you would like! :)


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