I know this is overshare, but I’m having a Colonoscopy tomorrow.  The test is long overdue as it’s been at least 15 years and I am 57 now.  I was suppose to eat light yesterday, which I did, and today, well it’s Jello (any color but red), chicken broth and water.  

My whole point is I just realized that EV-ERY-THING in my pantry and refrigerator looks good!  I mean normally I would probably eat every meal out, but that’s not always practical.  I do keep the usual staples in the house to nosh on: carrots, cheese, bagels, cream cheese, salad fixings, etc., and of course condiments, but since I am being denied I am creating a meal of sweet pickles and green stuffed olives in my mind!  Right this very moment I would eat anything in my frig or pantry and enjoy it.

I did have two Jello cups for breakfast and now I am sipping on a mug of chicken broth that I have decided I will keep at the ready for when I have to drink that horrible “lemon/lime” solution every 10 minutes. Blahk!  

So this is my hot tip cause it's working for me:  Quickly drink the 8 ounces of solution with a straw staring at something pleasant (I am using a picture of the Montauk Point  Lighthouse, Long Island, New York) and then take a big gulp of the chicken broth.  Additionally I am drinking out of a measuring cup so I am assured an 8 ounce serving.  I may not be able to drink chicken broth for quite awhile, but at least it will get me through this prep and maybe help you too!


Gramma KareBear