Own little worlds

Last week my mum and my adopted aunt went to the theatre in Edinburgh to see Cats, which was amazing, I’d seen it before but it was as good as I remembered it.  During the intermission the cast member who played Old Deuteronomy remained on the stage to sign autographs. 

We decided that we were going to be getting the train through as well none of us drive and the bus takes way to long to get there.  I was a little apprehensive at first as well Edinburgh is a very busy city and at the moment the tram works are being carried out which means that there is a lot of disruption to people walking along the pavements, our train arrived just after 5pm which meant that it was even busier as people were beginning to make their way home from work, I had my mums arm to help me navigate as well as using my symbol cane which I hold in my hand to alert people I have a visual impairment.  Not that it did any good. This is my Symbol cane that I use so people can see I have a sight problem, I think I need to give it a name so I feel less self conscious using it, 

My Symbol cane, who I need to give a name too

It seems to me that everyone lives in their own little world and are blind to what goes on around them as a few people almost walked into me as I hadn’t moved or I was forced to move as people stood right across the pavement at bus stops instead of just standing to one side, it began to get really stressful, do I have to wear bright fluorescent from head to toe clothes so they know I have a disability?? Or would they still carry on without a thought or care to those who need help with getting about??  I am beginning to understand why a lot of people with visual impairments don’t seem to go out and lose some of their independence 

I believe that people need to be educated in how to react and look out for those who have impairments whether it is visual or physical as I have witnessed people who walk with a stick have to move out of others ways because they just stand there and look at you with a blank expression. 

Nicola-Jayne xoxo



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