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Own Your Beauty. Change The Conversation.

We are the beautiful people. All women. Every one of us. And that's amazing.

Let’s own it.

Let's collaborate on a definition of beauty that celebrates what makes each of us unique, inside and out.

Instead of measuring ourselves against some airbrushed, Photoshopped ideal, let’s tailor the standard of beauty to suit ourselves.

Instead of feeding our insecurities about our appearance, let’s nourish our sense of self.

Instead of focusing on what we believe to be flaws, let’s look at our reflection and smile with satisfaction.

Let’s recognize the beauty of our strength, our dignity, our ambition, our curiosity, our quirky humor, our compassion and our passion.

Let’s take all the energy we've spent on endless loops of negative feedback about everything from the way we live our lives to our butts, our hips, our boobs and, for pete's sake, even our ankles - and use it instead to power something positive and meaningful.

Let's celebrate the beauty of authenticity and share it with everyone we know.

It’s about time.

Own Your Beauty. Change the Conversation. Pass it On.

Join the Movement Today

  1. 51.
    Your name: Marinda
  2. 52.
    Your name: Brittany
  3. 53.
    Your name: Rynel R
  4. 54.
    Your name: Ronnie R
  5. 55.
    Your name: Carmel Carr
  6. 56.
    Your name: Guerrilla Mom
  7. 57.
    Your name: wonderingwoman-kim
  8. 58.
    Your name: amyjeannette
  9. 59.
    Your name: Onleilove Alston
  10. 60.
    Your name: Kambrey Johnson
  11. 61.
    Your name: Lareena Groves
  12. 62.
    Your name: Lavinia Charmaine
  13. 63.
    Your name: Darlene Chandler
  14. 64.
    Your name: Lilyluscious
  15. 65.
    Your name: Karina Allrich
  16. 66.
    Your name: avs
  17. 67.
    Your name: Peggy Lee "PrincessCaress"SoubletHatten
  18. 68.
    Your name: Savanna Snapp
  19. 69.
    Your name: Samantha Miskowic-Fajardo
  20. 70.
    Your name: Avigi
  21. 71.
    Your name: Wendy@SaltandWine
  22. 72.
    Your name: kathleen sateen
  23. 73.
    Your name: thinesh
  24. 74.
    Your name: michelle pealow
  25. 75.
    Your name: Tokovia
  1. 76.
    Your name: Cynthia Lynch
  2. 77.
    Your name: Hanna Angell
  3. 78.
    Your name: Sharie Troquille
  4. 79.
    Your name: Sammy
  5. 80.
    Your name: Julia Englert
  6. 81.
    Your name: Vinisha
  7. 82.
    Your name: Karin Nicolaysen
  8. 83.
    Your name: Michelle Zbinden
  9. 84.
    Your name: Tracey Weldon
  10. 85.
    Your name: Cindy La Ferle
  11. 86.
    Your name: aysa
  12. 87.
    Your name: Kate F.
  13. 88.
    Your name: Seema Asifi
  14. 89.
    Your name: Be YOU at Be Me
  15. 90.
    Your name: Rebecca Templeton
  16. 91.
    Your name: Vanessa L.
  17. 92.
    Your name: Jenna R
  18. 93.
    Your name: Sarah Loudermilk
  19. 94.
    Your name: DWright1
  20. 95.
    Your name: Jessica Winter
  21. 96.
    Your name: Marnie Dolera
  22. 97.
    Your name: Camille Butterfield Elliott
  23. 98.
    Your name: Meggan
  24. 99.
    Your name: Becky
  25. 100.
    Your name: noor


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