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Own Your Beauty. Change The Conversation.

We are the beautiful people. All women. Every one of us. And that's amazing.

Let’s own it.

Let's collaborate on a definition of beauty that celebrates what makes each of us unique, inside and out.

Instead of measuring ourselves against some airbrushed, Photoshopped ideal, let’s tailor the standard of beauty to suit ourselves.

Instead of feeding our insecurities about our appearance, let’s nourish our sense of self.

Instead of focusing on what we believe to be flaws, let’s look at our reflection and smile with satisfaction.

Let’s recognize the beauty of our strength, our dignity, our ambition, our curiosity, our quirky humor, our compassion and our passion.

Let’s take all the energy we've spent on endless loops of negative feedback about everything from the way we live our lives to our butts, our hips, our boobs and, for pete's sake, even our ankles - and use it instead to power something positive and meaningful.

Let's celebrate the beauty of authenticity and share it with everyone we know.

It’s about time.

Own Your Beauty. Change the Conversation. Pass it On.

Join the Movement Today

Join the Movement Today

  1. 151.
    Your name: Kimberly G
  2. 152.
    Your name: Shelby
  3. 153.
    Your name: zofem
  4. 154.
    Your name: Sheila Falcon
  5. 155.
    Your name: Honor You @Klasikstyle
  6. 156.
    Your name: Abornewords
  7. 157.
    Your name: Kimagine64
  8. 158.
    Your name: Rita Nichole Reynolds
  9. 159.
    Your name:
  10. 160.
    Your name: T. Pinkston
  11. 161.
    Your name: Sammie Love
  12. 162.
    Your name: Beverly Diehl @writerbeverly
  13. 163.
    Your name: Megan Murray
  14. 164.
    Your name: Laura Jayne
  15. 165.
    Your name: Kimwhit
  16. 166.
    Your name: Elizabeth Patch
  17. 167.
    Your name: LyndawithaY
  18. 168.
    Your name: ohmother
  19. 169.
    Your name: I ♥ My Kinky Hair!
  20. 170.
    Your name: brenda
  21. 171.
    Your name: donnajaneseraphidart
  22. 172.
    Your name: Kim Mitchell
  23. 173.
    Your name: Confident Gayle
  24. 174.
    Your name: Lisa Potts
  25. 175.
    Your name:
  1. 176.
    Your name: Andi Brunett-Libecap
  2. 177.
    Your name: Fatima Parker
  3. 178.
    Your name: Joani
  4. 179.
    Your name: Amy S
  5. 180.
    Your name: Eliabeth Patch
  6. 181.
    Your name: Julie Salt
  7. 182.
    Your name: Maria Kristina Abiog
  8. 183.
    Your name: Nicole Sager-Whitman
  9. 184.
    Your name: Ashley (frugalfashionaddict)
  10. 185.
    Your name: icametorun
  11. 186.
    Your name: ge is me!
  12. 187.
    Your name: Julia Warrender
  13. 188.
    Your name: Kathleen Y.
  14. 189.
    Your name: Kathleen Y.
  15. 190.
    Your name: adajdg
  16. 191.
    Your name: Babz Rawls Ivy
  17. 192.
    Your name: Caitlin
  18. 193.
    Your name: Jonnadee
  19. 194.
    Your name: Veronicam
  20. 195.
    Your name: synz
  21. 196.
    Your name: K.A.Gold
  22. 197.
    Your name: Lua @MissLuluBlogs
  23. 198.
    Your name: Patricia Lowery
  24. 199.
    Your name: Lily @MilitaryFamOf8
  25. 200.
    Your name: Pauline campos @aspiringmama


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