P-Daddy, the Charming


Some days you just feel irritated. I know I do, so please if you are one of those people who never feels annoyed and miserable for no apparent reason, keep it to yourself.

Today's grumps may have been caused by the cold weather.

march 2010 sommieres france

I don't know if you know this about me, but I Do Not Like to be Cold. I try to be all bundled up, toasty, happy snuggly about it but it's really all a lie. I like to be warm from the sun, not a radiator.
As for the bundled up bit, I prefer a swimsuit.

Cold and grumpy and looking for someone to take it out on; that was me today.

this is how i feel when i'm cold

Luckily, P-Daddy was working from home so my irritation had somewhere to land.

Lucky too that he has broad shoulders and the right attitude for when having to wear too many layers gets me down.
As Sara says, 'Dude, he's just like Crush from Finding Nemo'. And it's true. Ya'll know it's true.

I ran him off today, back to the office where there isn't a mad, cold wife on the loose and three small children spying with walkie-talkies. I was glad when he left, thinking, 'sure, just go. do that duck and cover thing you men do so well. i'll have this warm, toasty office all to myself.'

And then I started to think about how his calm, cool state of being really irritates me more. This wasn't a good path so I took a right turn onto the one where I appreciate how different we are and vow to take a bit of that coolness for myself.

Love is mostly about choices, people.

This got me thinking about the nice things he does. Like the other morning when our heater wasn't working and he brought me coffee in bed because he knows how much I hate to wake up to the cold. Are you getting the theme here?

I also remembered a cute, funny one that I have been meaning to tell you about.

When we were on the train to Paris last month, an elderly Madame got on the train,  battling with her suitcase. Without missing a beat, P-Daddy hopped up from his cozy seat and motioning in a nice, helpful way, offered to put her case in the hold area at the end of the train car. She smiled and said thank you, oh, thank you so much. She held onto her coat and another small bag while he whisked the big one away.

When he returned she handed over the coat and carry-on sized bag with a demur smile. Of course he took them and went back to the luggage area to deposit them with the first bag. While he was gone, she arranged herself, scent and scarf settling into the space across from us. She looked over at me and with a sly smile said, 'Il est vraiment charmant.' 'He is truly charming.'

me and mr charming

Three hours later, when we arrived in Paris, P-Daddy the charming, stood to collect Madame's things. She beamed at me again, nodded and simply turned and got off the train.
She knew he was handling it. She was waiting on the platform for us when we got off and pressed two Ferrer-Rocher candies into the palm of P-Daddy's gloved hand as he delivered her luggage.

We smiled and walked away, nibbling on the yummy chocolates as we went, when another woman, a younger version of Madame, approached P-Daddy, 'Merci beaucoup for helping my mother with her things.You are very kind.' Oooo, la la! P-Daddy. Word travels fast.

I'll admit it. You are quite charmant.

Come on back. It's not as frosty around here as it was.



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