Pack of Ham's Perspective!!!

Kitana: Hey Athena look what I found open....

 Damn it, Athena move your ass now, mom left her blog



Athena: Kitana, you know you're not suppose to be on the laptop,

That's for humans not us dogs. Shera!!! Kitana's on the laptop



Kitana: WTF Athena why you gotta be a snitch, I'm gunna bite

your head for that later.


Shera: What the hell is going on in here....Huh, Athena?



Athena: Kitana was on the computer again......


Kitana: Mom left it open and I just wanted to see what she

was talking about. And she is failing at that challenge again.

She hasn't posted in 2 days.


Shera: Well she has been sick.... What was today's prompt......


Kitana: Something about a picture but yesterday's prompt is

awesome..... They want to know our perspective of our home....

whatever that means.


 Athena: It means our view of here.


 Kitana: Can we do it? Please Shera, She will give us treats for

taking care of it. I know she will.


 Shera: Okay but oldest first....


 Kitana: You would say that.....


Shera: Hi, I am Shera. I am a 4 year old Pit bull/Lab mix or a

Staffy/Lab mix. Nobody really knows. I don't care I am the

alpha in this house....Well at least when mom's not home. I

came to this house as a 4 week old puppy. I was present!!! And

I was treated that way for almost 3 years until mom found

Athena. I have a wonderful pack minus Kitana over there. I

like her every now and then. Mostly she annoys me. I love my

pack and the home we live in. I am not too fond of strangers but

once I get to know you, we'll be cool.


Kitana: Come on Shera you're taking fureeeevvvvveeeerrrrr!!!

Athena don't you think she's taking too long? Athena......

Athena...Holy hell she fell asleep again. I'll wake her up. (bites on

Athena's butt)


Athena: Ouch, WTF!!!!


Shera: Stop you two. Where was I before we were rudely

interrupted..... Oh yeah our pack and home.... Well we can't it

on the new furniture... but we secretly do when they are gone.

Sometimes our sis and bro argue about who's going to feed us

but mom and dad make sure we get feed no matter who does

it....Sometimes we get what mom cooks and that is a great

night. Mommy gives treats for tricks cause she wants to make

sure we are proper least that what she says.

Daddy loves giving us treats when he gets home from

work.......yummy treats!!!!

 Well I will hand this over to the next in line......Athena, wake

up and get up here and tell these people what you think.....


Athena: I'm coming.....


Kitana: da dum da dum da comes


Athena: You're mean, Kitana...


Kitana: Yeah but you love me!!!


Athena: Hi, I'm Athena. I'm a Pit bull and I don't know much

about my life before I found my pack of ham. All I know is one

day someone dropped me off in a neighborhood. I was scared

and hungry, I hadn't eaten in who knows how long. They had

taken my puppies from me again but instead of making me have

more puppies or using me as a bait dog....they just dropped me

off. So I found a house and hid out until I saw this beautiful

black dog staring at me. Then I saw this very pretty red head

with a smile. She went inside and brought me food and water. I

could tell she was a little scared but she wasn't for long. She had

a friend come over and show her I was a sweet girl. Then this

man came home and I got to go inside where the beautiful black

dog was. They started calling me Buttercup but I didn't like

that. Neither did daddy when he said that I could stay forever.

So they renamed me Athena to show my strength. I love my

family especially my mommy. She is my best friend and I am hers.

She sometimes lets me cuddle in bed with her. I love that. I do

get jelly ever now and then.... when I do I will literally push my

mommy's hand off of Shera and unto me. Kitana just wont stop


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