Package Deal

Today I was thinking  how I need to stock more basics in the pantry. Things such as flour, sugar, oil, oatmeal, etc, to have on hand for baking and cooking. This week I will be adding in more of these items in my shopping cart and baking something to go in the freezer for a quick thaw out snack later on this week.
Trying to get away from pre-packaged food is hard, especially for those of us who have eaten this way for years. I am not proud of it, but these are the facts and I know I'm not alone.

Questions I am asking myself this week:

1) Do I have enough ingredients on-hand to bake a simple batch of homemade cookies?

2) Do I have enough basic items in the pantry that I could cook 2-3 meals from them in the week?

3) Do I need to change shopping habits to stock more basics and do I even use the ones I already have on hand? If not, how can I start using them?

Let's face it, homemade takes longer,  is less expensive, and more importantly, in the long run tastes better. You can eat your final product knowing that what's in it is better for you than packaged foods because you added each ingredient in yourself.  Here's to stepping into the kitchen.

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