PAD Challenge--Day 26

When we come into this world, we are never alone. From that first lungful of air to our last, the world parades a myriad of creatures past our senses in an attempt to get our attention and admiration.

These creatures come in all shapes, sizes, temperments, colors, and purposes. And we are one of their number, regardless of what our egos tell us to the contrary. Animals surround us. Some frighten us. Others reach inside with their love and capture our hearts. But, always, they are with us.

Today's challenge prompt asks the poet to write about animals--any aspect of them. I did two poems this morning; one about my first dog guide and the other about my first encounter with a night-time alarm as a child.

Visit my zoo at Claudsy's Blog for a peek. Leave a comment telling of one of your own experiences or insights. But most of all, enjoy.


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