Pagan Witch - The Spiritual Journey of a Single Mom

BlogHer Original Post is where Christine, a single mother of two boys,
expresses her spirituality, her ideas on homeschooling, and gives
insightful reviews on the latest products, books, services, &
websites. Being a single mother of two boys, homeschooling, and working
at home, Christine has a perspective on things that only she can
express. She has been homeschooling for 14 years, and has been single
for 10 of those years. Christine has lived her life as an example for
her children, wanting them to live as she does, to the best of their
ability. She has gone through every type of homeschooling style &
curriculum, and lived in Southern California and Southern Nevada. Until
recently she has had to work outside of the home, dealing with the
sacrifices of living with family, to continue to homeschool. Now,
working from home and living with her long time boyfriend, she has new
challenges, and sacrifices to learn and grow from. Christine is
attempting to fulfill her lifelong dream of being a writer, and has
been recently published in the new Secular Homeschooling Magazine.
Christine has combined her many blogs on various sites into one all
encompassing blog, hoping to continue her dream of writing
professionally. Learn of her experiences, watch her grow as a
successful writer, mother, and person, join her in her adventures
through life.