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A source for all things creative, here you will find plenty of inspiration for everyday living, useful projects, that can be made often by bin diving the contents of your own recycling containers. free tutorials  involveing no fancy crafting gadgets I tend to favor the more traditional crafts such as collage, decoupage, 3D paper tole, quilling, embossing paper by hand, and paper piercing all techniques involving very few tools, these are most of the decorative techniques I use in Pages from the Heart gift books, selling Pages from the Heart gift books is how I attempt to keep the wolf from the door.So apart from all the paper crafting what else will you be likely to find, I enjoy flea markets and garage sale bargains I love turning ” junk” into items I can use myself or give away as gifts or sell at craft shows, I often display these items as potential inspiration for fellow trash to treasure enthusiasts .

so come on over and see what I'm doing today