The Pain In My Heart

I woke up this morning moaning and groaning that it was early and I couldn’t sleep in because I had to get Sophia to the sitter today since Tim is doing a three day drill weekend. I shleped to the shower, did what I had to do, threw my hair into a ponytail and dressed in clothes a step up from pajamas. It was a quiet protest to having to get up so early. I turned on the Today Show like I do every morning and was sickened to hear the news they were reporting on.

Twelve to fourteen people are dead (depending on the reports you read) and fifty people are injured because a man opened fire in a dark movie theater.

He planned it.

My mind just screamed “WHY?????”

I dropped Sophia off at the sitter’s, her TV noticeably turned off…she is also normally a Today Show viewer. I knew why it was off. Despite Sophia being in a cranky mood and knowing I had work to do I stayed a few minutes to try and calm her down. In light of this terrible news, work could wait a few minutes.

I came home, sat down at my computer to begin my day and saw the worse news in all of this chaos. A three month old baby is one of the shooting victims. An infant. I lost it. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not an overly emotional person, at least on the outside, but when I read a three month old baby was shot because of some selfish sick person but heart just could not take it. Tears sprung to my eyes. I immediately thought of Sophia at three months old. What should be such a happy time in the lives of these parents is now going to be forever marred by this horrific event. Hundreds of lives are going to be marred by this one person.


Again I can’t stop myself from asking “Why?”


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