Paint, Drink, Repeat


Last night for my birthday, Cindy, Emily, Sarah and I crashed Canvas and Cocktails in the Southglenn complex. I had so heard so much about it, and it was about time to put my brush to the canvas and see what it was all about. Also, we were celebrating my birthday.

You guys, it was so much fun. Like, the most fun EVER.

You come in the door, and it's like walking into a party. The energy is up, the music is blasting and there is a huge line at the bar. There is ALWAYS a huge line at the bar.

You check in, pay and are given a handful of brushes. They have names; baby brush, round brush, big brush. Yeah, it's pretty self-explanatory.

You can pick all different kinds of painting, depending on their schedule.

My friends met me there, all dressed in their aprons - ready to paint the town. Or a canvas. I pulled on my apron, tied it, sat down. Sarah looked over at me. "You should get a new apron."
I scoff, thinking that she just doesn't like my apron because it has paint all over it and hers is much cleaner. Sarah likes things neat and clean. I roll my eyes. "Why?"

"Because your apron has a penis painted on it."

Indeed it did, at the bottom, just in the perfect spot. Cindy and Emily proceeded to pee in their pants laughing while I switched aprons.

The class was absolutely packed, and everyone was in the mood to party. We were painting a replica of Van Gogh's Starry Night. I was intimidated by it. A little bit of history of my artistic past: I love painting. I took five painting classes in college, and loved every minute of it. Oddly enough, my Professor maintained that I was really good at both texture and painting nudes. (Not from life, of course. From statues. And pictures.) True story.

We lined up, got our 3 squirts of paint and got ready to create a masterpiece.

The instructor (who was possibly the most bombastically cheery person on earth) began with basic instructions for painting. "Okay are going to start with a little black and a little blue. Does everyone have wine? Yes? Whoooooo!!" (Tons of women raise and wave their paint brushes in the air like we are at a rave).

Then, we paint. It's relaxing and soothing and hilarious. People are standing up and dancing in the aisles to "Party Rock Anthem." It's weird and awesome at the same time.

Cindy decides that she hates the picture we are painting and paints her own: a waterfall with black and white birds. It was awesome. She wasn't the only one painting her own way ("Tooting to her own tune" as my Mom would say) - three girls next to us were doing their own thing as well.

One of things that I found amazing is that even though we were all following the exact same directions with the exact same colors, our paintings were SO different. Sarah used purple in hers so that it would match a certain room in her house. I loved that idea.I didn't veer to far from the instructions, but I did try to add a certain yellow glow that radiated out from the right side of my stars and moons. That made it a little different, at least.

The wine helped mix it up a little, I think. I can't even capture it, but it was SO fun.

I love my painting. We are hanging it up in the house, like I'm a little kid and it's going on the fridge. I don't care. Here's the finished product:

It took about two hours and by the time we finished I was flush with the pure passion of painting. I had missed it so much - the smell of the paint, the feel of the brush against the canvas, the smear of yellow paint on my face. Sure, it was kind of like painting-by-number, but I don't care.

It was the perfect night to celebrate another year of life, and hopefully it's full of all those things - creativity, passion... and WINE.





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