Paint Nite

The other night Mike and I found our inner artists at Paint Nite. Paint Nite is hosted in cities across the U.S. and is night where an artist guides you through creating a painting while you enjoy cocktails and friends at a local bar.

There are different paintings depending on the night you choose, but when you are booking your tickets you can see what the painting will be for that night so you can choose something you like. When you arrive everything is all set up for you and you just have to grab a plate of paint and a smock to get started.


The artist instructs you through the whole process including how to mix your paints to make each color, what brush to use for each section, etc. She shows you the first step and then turns up the music so you can paint, socialize and enjoy a cocktail. Then when you complete that step she turns the music down to show you the next step. She demonstrated exactly how to make the painting, but encouraged everyone to be creative and make it their own.

993967_581302945242371_552101989_n{From Paint Nite Facebook Page}

564994_581302891909043_681720180_n{From Paint Night’s Facebook Page}

This is my painting when it still looked okay:


Then, I thought I would be “creative” and make a margarita glass instead of the pina colada glass that the instructor was showing us how to make.(I should have stuck with the pina colada glass.) Mike and I of course turned it in to a competition between the two of us.

paint nite collage

It kills me to admit it, but I think he won.


I loved seeing how different everyone’s paintings turned out. Some people followed the instructor and others got really creative and made their painting much different. The whole process takes about 2 hours. I am not creative and have never been very artsy, but it was so fun to do something totally different!

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