Painted Babies

toddler pageant contestant


~ Despicable. Discomforting.Exploitation. Abuse. Shameful. Deplorable. Anti-Feminist. Nauseating.


Strong words, but this is precisely what comes to mind when I think of mothers entering their daughters in beauty contests. No matter how they try to disguise these pretentious, pompous proceedings, these contests for little girls are mere mockeries of the female gender.I mean, seriously, what would make a mother fancy having her little girl flaunt up and down in front of strangers smiling and wiggling her behind? To be quite blunt, I am sickened, sickened, sickened by this blatant act of sexuality. 


I went to one of my nieces performances recently, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. She danced to the Cindy Lauper song about masturbation, “She Bop,” and during much of the recital she’d slap herself on her backside.It was surreal.It was insulting to the female race. It was a sex show in masquerade.


When I see an image of these innocent little girls with faces encrusted in black mascara, fake eyelashes, spray tans, cobalt blue eye shadow, phony white teeth, hair extensions, acrylic nails, and deep scarlet blush, my heart pounds, my muscles tighten. The costumes are seductive and sexy. Whom are they trying to seduce:the Judges? Tell me, do you want your 8-year-old daughter to be sexy? If you are not sure, consider this, sexy is precisely how your child appears to pedophilias and sex-offenders, to rapists and serial killers. What I don’t understand is why you would want your daughter to parade around with her ass hanging out; why you would want her eyes blackened like Madonna, and her lips fire- red; why you would want her look twenty five years old. Ask yourself why you are living vicariously through your child; ask yourself what void you desperately trying to fill; ask yourself why you are promoting sexual abuse by pedophiles.


“She's a typical pageant robot, in that she's been programmed by her mother on what to say and how to walk, except that she doesn't do either of these things as convincingly as other humans. However, she comes alive when she taps into her, um, flirty side. (Actually, "sexual" is a more accurate adjective than "flirty," but I don't want to come off as inappropriately as she does, considering she's seven.)”--Jezebel Magazine


It's no wonder little girls grow up as self-conscience beings, puking their guts out, dieting (yes it’s true), and obsessed with skinny, flawless celebrities such as Paris Hilton. Presumably, they are not told about other kinds of beauty, which are internal, the kind of beauty, which lasts. 


“Pageants create a very stressful environment where the emphasis on beauty and winning takes precedence. Pageants coach children to convey sexuality. They may, in turn, acquire behaviors and attitudes about sexuality that are rather atypical. Such early emphasis on appearance and body image can lead to eating disorders and/or promiscuity at a very young age.  


Growing up, most of us are taught that beauty is only skin deep and that real beauty lies within. We are told to love people for who they are, not what they look like. Yet every day, parents contradict such morals by entering their children in beauty pageants to compete in a "game" where winning and losing is based solely on physical characteristics.” ---The Rocky Mountain Collegian

What the hell is wrong with this picture?Why is this neglect being accepted?And then…there’s “Toddlers & Tiaras.”Are you freaking, bloody, damn well kidding me?How much more can a girl tolerate? But then again, I blame the parenting; I hold the parent (mom) responsible for her idiotic behavior, for the voids in her life that must be filled, for her inadequsies of self-doubt, for her lack of ethics.


~I’m expecting comments, screaming, yelling, and disagreements! Bring it on…I can take it…but you will not change my mind unless you have some damn good answers to back yourself up!!


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