Painting bird houses for fairy houses...

Back in March the kids received small wooden bird houses to decorate as party gift from a birthday party...what a fantastic party gift!!

That very afternoon they eagerly painted their birdhouses, and later that week we were off to buy some more...At the time, the birdhouses were on sale for 50% they were only 2/id="mce_marker"!!! We bought many...

So i have been holding on to them for quite some time now, waiting for a good moment to pull them out to paint and use as a pop of color in our gardens...and for all of those fairies ;)

As it turns out, I am not the only one that has been taking advantage of these adorable little houses...Jennet used some for her fairy garden, which I am absolutely in love with, and am inspired by!  Carla, didn't buy her bird house, but had her little guy paint one that his Daddy built...and she added an adorable little garden sign as well!  And Tara, used hers as an afternoon painting project for her daughter...which is just we did...

It was one of those days...bickering, raining, know, everyone has them...

And, then, I remembered the bird houses! "Who wants to paint some bird houses?!"  It was like I was instantly super mommy with cheers filling the house "I do I do!!" and jumping up and down!  I am not exaggerating this part...sometimes it's so awesome to be a mom, huh?! 

So, a dreary afternoon was brightened up... IMG_1941


Henry was so serious about it all...And the lovely Violet saved me the birdhouse with the star on it to paint, because I love stars!  Oh, yes, mama got to paint too!  Originally I wanted to keep them all for myself, but that didn't seem fair ;).

Despite Henry's serious attitude, this still happened... IMG_1950

No worries, it washes off...

They turned out so nicely, don't you think?  Henry does ;) Oooo, aaaaa!IMG_1957



Now to find them their spots in the garden...

Oh, and on a side note...listening to The Be Good Tanyas Pandora radio station while doing this little project was the perfect musical accompaniment, especially since it started with "Littlest Birds"!


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