Paleo Diet

Normally I'm against the idea of dieting. But I'm going to Puerto Vallarta in December. aka NEXT MONTH.

So I'm definitely going to be in a bikini. And I want to look my very absolute best. But my will power is awful. I see chocolate and I have this crazy reaction where I feel compelled to eat it. And bread in restaurants. Plus olive oil. I die. Cos it's so good.

In order for me to control what I eat I have to say "I can't eat this because..." and have a solid reason. I can't just say cos I want to get in shape cos then people say "oh well one blah blah blah won't hurt." And I'd say they're right. Except it's a domino effect for me. Once I eat once piece of bread or once block of chocolate, I want to eat whatever I can in the basket or the whole bar.

So if I say "Oh, I can't eat this because I'm following the Paleo diet" then people back off.

Basically, the Paleo Diet emphasizes eating fruits and vegetables, nuts, and some meat. No dairy, no gluten. This makes it hard to eat things like cakes and cookies blah blah blah.

So I'm starting right now. I'll update you guys on how it goes!



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