Paleo Diet Day 1

I started the Paleo Diet today and I've already cheated, but I'll tell you why.

I have 2 things in my apartment with wheat in them: chicken wonton soup and pretzel crisps. An entire can of chicken wonton soup is 150 calories and low in fat. The pretzel crisps are 110 calories per serving with .5 grams of fat. So rather than throwing them out, I ate the soup and used the pretzel crisps to eat my hummus.

Now I have nothing left with gluten or dairy. The main reason for me doing this is to make it easier for me to lose weight. If I say "Oh I can eat one cupcake" then I'll eat 194210841924 cupcakes. So I just have to say "Nah bro can't do it cos of the paleo diet." 

I'm trying to do this until I get to Mexico at least with the exceptions of 1. Thanksgiving 2. My birthday dinner 3. Christmas. Now that's not to say I'll go crazy and eat everything, but it's only 3 days of some wheat and dairy products. The goal is to not eat 100 desserts and everything filled with cheese.

But I love green bean casserole. No diet could ever make me sacrifice that on Thanksgiving.

So anyways where am I going with this..ahh yes well this diet is not too restricting. This morning I made a smoothie (2 bananas, frozen mangoes/strawberries, 100% V8 fruit juice) and since then I've had my chicken wonton soup (the wonton obviously being where I cheated), hummus and pretzel crisps, and some roasted red pepers and tomatoes. 

I feel fine except for the fact that I'm swamped with homework. D: 


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