Paleo School Lunch Ideas

I’m a 90/10 Paleo, meaning I eat Paleo 90% of the time.  My daughter is 100% Paleo. She has seen so many positive changes from going Paleo – from eliminating her migraines to clearing her skin to weight loss – that she refuses to eat outside the guidelines. So school lunches can be quite challenging. Add to that the fact that with a one hour commute to school each way, she has a rather long school day so her lunches need to be hearty and filling.

Again, this is where planning ahead comes in. When possible, I make extra portions of a dinner that will work for a school lunch. And I always pack her lunches the night before. There are some great compartmentalized lunch containers out there these days (of course her container has to fit inside her cute little lunch sack so that adds another challenge).

So here are a few Paleo lunch ideas for you or your kids that are completely clean, healthy and filling. Here’s what she took today. It includes roasted chicken tenders with thai peanut dipping sauce, boiled eggs and grapes.


Here’s what an entire week of Paleo lunches might look like:

Asian chicken salad over spinach (recipe is on this site) with two hard boiled eggs

Meatballs with marinara sauce for dipping (I made Italian wedding soup and made extra mini meatballs for her lunch – that’s planning ahead)

Spaghetti squash with kale pesto

Frittata with squash, asparagus and spinach