Palmers Cocoa Butter Skincare Mini Haul Part 1- Line Smoothing Eye Cream Review

I've been gettin' a little crazy with the mini hauls lately, but what can I say, I can't help it!  

I've been a huge fan of Palmers Cocoa Butter body products since I was a teenager, and I heard that they were coming out with face products, but I hadn't seen them in stores until I went to Harmon discount at my local Bed Bath and Beyond.  Since I love and trust the Palmers brand, I splurged on three products.  Since I don't want to make this a super-long post, I'm splitting it into three separate posts. 
The first one I wanted to talk about is the Line Smoothing Eye Cream.  
I've been using this eye cream for about three weeks now, and I really like it!  More on that later, but first, here's some shots of the labels & ingredients.  It's got some fantastic ingredients in it- Cocoa Butter of course and Shea Butter for hydration, Vitamin E for antioxidant power, and retinol and peptides to smooth wrinkles.  It does have parabens in it, however.


It comes in a tube with a small tip, so you can squeeze the product out.  I like this better than a pump, because with eye cream you only need a little bit, and sometimes products with pumps dispense too much product and it's a waste.  This tube gives you complete control over the amount you need. 
Here's a small amount dispensed onto my hand.  If you notice in the picture, my hand is incredibly dry and flaky, as they always get in the winter.  
Here it is smoothed out a little bit.  You can see how rich and thick it is.


Here's my hand with it smoothed in all the way.  Unfortunately, there's not much to see, as it's really hard to show results in a picture.  But one thing you can see is that the dryness is gone, and my skin tone has improved a little- it doesn't look so ashy.   
So how does it work on my eyes?  Well, I've been using it for three weeks now, and I love how incredibly moisturizing it is, without being greasy.  It soaks right in and plumps up the area under my eyes.  I'm waiting a little longer to see if it improves the fine lines underneath.  So far it seems to have softened them a little, but it hasn't been that long.  
One thing I'm not too crazy about is the scent.  It says it has a "Fresh White Lily" fragrance, but it smells like that mixed with the chocolatey scent of the cocoa butter, so it's a little strange.  But thankfully, it's not that strong.  
Of the three products, this one is my favorite so far.  Plus, at $8.49, it's the cheapest eye cream I've found that has this many amazing ingredients, especially the retinol and peptides!  
You can buy this at Harmon Stores, or by clicking HERE
Do you like Palmer's products?  Have you tried any of the face products yet? 



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