Palooza Power

Graduation? 2 more weeks! Blows my mind.

Houghton is a small place, but its full of color & sound – especially in the spring. One of the great, more recent Houghton traditions is Houghton Palooza. Palooza is a Saturday full of music! A great mini-festival opportunity to release the inner hippie. This year it’s 18 bands, 8 hours, right on the min-quad in between the townhouses. In other words, outside my back door. : )

Brittany & I were doing laundry & she was baking (at my house, because I’m a baby & wanted her company) when we decided to take a walk & some pictures for the blog. Fortunately, today is sunny; the trees have turned green almost overnight and considering all the snow we’ve had this winter, it’s warm! Brittany was so HUNGRY that I agreed she should bring along her rice & eat it on the way…

(Read more about Palooza & then the Senior Art Show here:



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