PAM Cooking Spray® Reviews and Sweepstakes

The new and improved PAM® formula has been shown to be 70% better at attacking baked on food compared to bargain cooking sprays.

Bloggers were asked to use PAM® in place of bargain brand in a recipe of their choice and share their experiences preparing their dish, how they tasted, and what clean-up was like.  Each one of them is giving away a $100 gift card and coupons for the new and improved PAM Cooking Spray® and Hunt's Tomatoes. Click on the posts below to read their reviews and enter to win on each blog!

The BlogHer Easy Kitchen Cleanup with PAM Cooking Spray® sweepstakes run from 2/1/12 through 3/31/12 and are only open to individuals who, at the time of entry deadline, are legal residents of the United States and are 18 years or older. Click here to read the official rules Winners will be randomly selected from all eligible entries. Good luck!

I’m a true PAM lover.

The best reviews I do are the ones where I am able to talk about brands I already use. I was very excited to share my experience with PAM® cooking spray. I was sent a package in the mail that included a Pyrex pan, an oven mitt, a can of PAM®, and a brochure of recipes. For this review, I decided to prepare one of the recipes that was included in the package- Kickin’ Baked Rigatoni....more

A kitchen essential...

Ever have those days when you are craving something sweet but you don’t want to put out the time and too much effort? Well, here you go, a chocolate chip cookie bar with Nutella. Let me help you with this one – think chocolate chip cookie crust then a layer of Nutella cheesecake and finished with a rich chocolate layer on top. Heaven....more

PAM cleans up quickly and easily!

Am I the only one who gets tired of trying to get baked, dried, food off of their baking pans? Anyone else have some recipes you love to cook and eat, but wish you could just throw the pan away when you are finished? I hate having to soak, scrub, sandblast or drill to get a pan clean. Eggs and cheese are the chief offenders in my book......more

No soaking or scrubbing involved.

I was excited to learn that PAM® Original No-Stick Cooking Spray now has a new and improved product. I was approached by BlogHer to receive and review a free sample of the new PAM® Original No-Stick Cooking Spray, and I was very excited because I usually use cooking spray in my recipes. I was planning to make Pastelón, a Puerto Rican Ripe Plantain and Beef Casserole for a while. This dish is sort of like a lasagna, but using ripe plantains instead of pasta....more

PAM comes to the rescue!

I was recently asked to try the New and Improved PAM® formula. I use PAM all the time and wondered how the new formula would compare. It can be so frustrating to work on making a delicious dish only to have it stick to the pan. Not only does make it hard to serve, but you also lose some of the meal to the pan and end up having to soak and scrub for clean up....more

The spray is powerful, covering more effectively.

The new and improved PAM® formula has been shown to be 70% better at attacking baked-on food vs. bargain cooking sprays. Not only will every meal be picture-perfect, but you’ll have more time to enjoy your food and spend less time soaking, scrubbing and cleaning in the kitchen....more

No pick ax necessary.

A couple of weeks ago I received this lovely PAM® Cooking Spray in the mail. I was eager to try it and see if it really was better than the generic brand I have been buying for years. If you follow this blog regularly, you may have noticed my favorite generic brand hanging out in a lot of my tutorial pictures. I buy it because it's cheap, and I go through it like crazy with all of the cooking and baking that I do....more

Superior protection against sticking.

Like many diehard bakers, I use nonstick cooking spray on a fairly regular basis. And most of the time I use a discount brand, because I'm sort of a discount brand girl. My discount spray works fairly well, but there are times when it doesn't quite do the trick. Oddly enough, I most frequently have trouble with sticking when I'm using my, uh, nonstick muffin tin....more

PAM is a staple in my kitchen.

Pasta has always been one of my favorite comfort foods, and today I’m sharing a really great recipe with all of you that my family raved about. When the opportunity came along to try out a new recipe using PAM®, one of the staples in my kitchen for many years, I was eager to try it out....more

The stuck-on food came off with my bare fingers.

Some of the best and most delicious busy week-night comfort food you can put together for your family may not be the fanciest or prettiest, but it certainly delivers satisfaction. These recipes often also leave you with baking pans that have a crust of baked-on food that can leave the cook with a, let's try to say this nicely, lessened enthusiasm for making that recipe again....more