200 Pounds of Pride in a Bikini

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There are so many ways we women torture ourselves about our bodies. Especially after we have babies and get that super-chic poochy belly thing. (I have always been a little Victorian in my shape, so perhaps I felt that particular grief less than others!) Now we even have opposing camps of body-politics pros, telling us we should be thinner; be comfortable with not being thin; be fat but healthy; know that there is no such thing but fat and healthy, and so on. Of course, all we're doing is complicating the dialogue about (1) self-acceptance and (2) self-care, instead of letting them be simple, ingrained truths we live every day.

As for this post, it's all about number 1 -— and it's fantastic. Pam challenged herself to accept her body in the best way -— with a bikini and a smokin' photo shoot with her sister. As this summer wraps up and we put our bathing suits away, we should all vow to find our own version of this self-love stunt to do for next year.

She writes:

A few weeks ago, according to the oddly addictive blogger stats page, someone found my blog by typing “200 pounds bikini” into google. Curious, I tried that search, and then immediately wished I hadn’t. The first result was Urban Dictionary’s entry for “bikini beef,” the extra bulges resulting “when the wearer exceeds the legal bikini wearing limits.” The second result was someone relatively thin asking the Yahoo Answers community how she looks in a bikini, with a bunch of strangers criticizing her body in response. Results 3 and 4 were people talking about losing weight in order to be able to wear a bikini. My “Rock your bikini” post was #5. The 6th link was a female blogger who feels “VERY STRONGLY” that there should be a size limit on bikinis, using words like “disgusting” to describe women like me.

You've got to head over to PamaramaDingDong to see all the great photos. Beautiful.

Pam in a bikini

Image Credit: Lifescape Photo and Video

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