Pamela Braun

Pamela Braun is now a food writer and recipe developer moonlighting as a tech geek in Los Angeles. While she has spent the last 6 years working in the online world of websites, programming, writing and statistics, in a past life she was a corporate sales rep traveling around 11 states. Unable to maintain any semblance of a real life or indulge her geek tendencies, she left the corporate world for internet consulting. So what does she do? Pamela works with companies to help them develop an online presence with the creation of a website and how to work in the online world without forgetting there are real people on the other side of all those wires and monitors. One of her favorite parts of business is working with clients to help them understand how to better communicate with their audience and how to bring more people to their site...that's where the finer points of SEO come in. Pamela really enjoys helping her clients gain a better understanding of their website and how to read the analytics that show them how their work pays off. Looking forward to BlogHerFood 2011!