A Weekend Morning at Panera

Our weekday mornings can be hectic, so I love to take extra time on the weekends to enjoy family and friends and reconnect over breakfast. Panera has such a comfortable community feeling and it was very easy to relax with the baby and take our time enjoying our drinks....more

What's Your Favorite Way to Start the Day?

Last year, when my youngest entered preschool, one of my mom friends told me we should do breakfast. I hadn't thought about eating breakfast anywhere other than my kitchen or my car until my friend mentioned it. We discussed the perfect place to meet up and decided on Panera Bread....more

The Best Way to Get Kids Out of Bed on Monday Mornings!

When I was a kid, it was next to impossible to get me out of bed in the mornings. Karma has come back to haunt me, since my kids are now equally sleepy/grumpy/slow/grumbly in the mornings. However, thanks to the lovely folks at Panera, I now have a secret weapon in my arsenal!...more

The Perfect Way to Start Any Day

To me, a good breakfast is the perfect way to jump start into whatever the day has in store for me. And the right breakfast has to be these three important things: healthy, filling, and delicious. That’s why I was so excited when BlogHer and Panera asked me to try something from their breakfast line....more

Finding time for "Mommy & Me" dates

Panera's fresh baked sourdough bread bowls are a staple when my mom serves her chili. I decided Little Pea and I could go out for a special breakfast, just the two of us, and snag Panera's fresh baked sourdough bread bowls for dinner that night. These Mommy & Me Mornings are definitely just as much for me as they are for Little Pea....more