Find Your Favorites at Panera!

Update 3/31/2014: This sweepstakes has now ended. Thanks for your interest in this promotion. You can still read the bloggers' reviews by clicking on their links .


What's your Panera Favorite? Is it the Fuji Apple Chicken Salad? Or may you prefer the Broccoli Cheddar Soup? Or is your menu must-have a Cinnamon Crunch Bagel? Let everyone know your favorite Panera menu item by voting for it here.

BlogHer and Panera asked 14 bloggers to share their experience at a Panera Bread and indulge in their favorite menu craving. Check out their posts and learn how you can enter for a chance to win a $100 Panera gift card!

The Old Favorites and New Finds Sweepstakes runs from 2/26/2014 through 3/30/2014 and is only open to individuals who, at the time of entry deadline, are legal residents of the United States and are 18 years or older. Click here to read the official rules. Winners will be randomly selected from all eligible entries. Good luck!

Noisy Kids, Picky Friends, Diet Limitations: How do you simplify eating out? [$100 Panera Giveaway]

The second rule is to pick somewhere that has something everyone wants to eat - and I've discovered that grown-ups can be just as particular as kids. That is exactly why my family and my girlfriends and I so often choose Panera for our lunch dates....more

Panera Favorites & Panera Gift Card Giveaway!

She didn't know I was planning to pick her up from school. She usually rides the bus. When we walked past the vending machines on the way to the car she asked, "Can I get something?" I said, "Lucy. No. We are going to Panera." To which she skipped and wooted and I win. Immediately, she asked, "Can I get one of those.... BREADBOWLS?"...more

Soaking Up Mommy-Daughter Time at Panera Bread

Lunch with a toddler is tricky. I’m not a fan of fast food restaurants, but sitting down to a long meal is just asking for trouble. For these reasons, Panera is one of our favorite out-to-lunch options. For starters, I know I can find my favorites there. I usually opt for the You Pick Two because I have problems with committing to just one menu item....more

I have #PaneraFaves, What Are Yours?

When you go out to eat, do you order the same meal most times, or -- instead -- do you try something new? I definitely have distinct favorites, especially when it comes to food out at different local and chain restaurants. So, when BlogHer approached me with the opportunity to share my favorite Panera meal, I jumped on the chance; I surely have a go-to....more

Panera, My Husband, and a Rare Lunch Date

We are big-time Panera customers - breakfast consumers. Almost every Sunday, you can find either my husband or myself in our local Panera, trying to get just the right mix of bagels for breakfast. Usually it involves a frantic text conversation - Don't forget the Chocolate Chip and the Asiago Cheese - oh! If they have Cherry Vanilla those are the BEST....more

Panera Bread Favorites + a $100 Panera Gift Card Giveaway!

One of my favorite places to eat is Panera Bread. I was so excited when a Panera Bread opened up a few minutes from our house last year. Our girls were excited also because it has one of their favorite things... Cinnamon Crunch Bagels....more

Eat at Panera and Win a $100 gift card to enjoy your favorites

One of my favorite restaurants that I have frequented OFTEN for the last 15 or more years is Panera. It went WAY up a notch for me over the last year or two when ours relocated and added a Drive-Thru!!! Hallelujah!!! If there is anything a mother of small children loves - it's a drive-thru! It's nice to have a place I can go with the kids in the car without getting out and have healthy alternatives to fast food....more

how to eat healthy on the go (giveaway)

There is more than one person in my life that gets a kick out of the fact that there is always food stashed in my purse. It might just be a few dates or a banana, but I hardly ever leave the house without something to snack on. Being prepared with healthy snacks while out and about is definitely one of my cornerstones for staying healthy....more

Something Tried and True, and Something New at Panera

Dining out can be pretty tough when you're trying to be healthy. There are so many temptations and sometimes finding healthy items on the menu can be difficult. One of our go to spots for a quick lunch is Panera Bread. I'm sure many of you eat at Panera as well so today I thought I would share my go to favorite healthy meal from there.  I've been eating off their "hidden menu" for quite some time but now it's not so hidden ;)...more

Panera Favorites + Giveaway!

Panera has always been one of my favorite meet up spots for lunch. I love the atmosphere, the lunch options, and the prices! Whether it was grabbing a sandwich with my teammates back in college, enjoying a bowl of soup with my family after church, or grabbing my favorite You Pick Two option after a long morning of moving, Panera has always been a great lunch (and dinner) spot....more