Panera style bagels


I spent my final week in the US juggling several different modes of operation:

  •  Holy shit, there is so much to do to be ready by flight time Mode
  • Holy shit, there are about to be so many foods to try, this is going to be awesome Mode
  • Holy shit, there are so many foods I won’t have access to for a year. PANIC. Mode

While the first has thankfully expired and the second is still in progress, the most emotional of these modes was the third. Because, guys? Eating really is an emotional act.

Specific foods—especially those eaten in the company of loved ones—create memories. And as those foods are consumed as the weeks, months or years pass, each bite—its taste, its texture, its smell—brings those memories back into physical form, at least for a few delicious moments.

Get the full recipe for Panera style bagels on Eat Well. Party Hard.