Panhandlers Anonymous

I got this email from my 5 month old today (dictated to his dad since he can't type):

"Please feel free to make any contributions to my future education. This early stage of my life is critical for saving for my future. Presents are a ton of fun but since I am easily amused by a box I think money would better be spent on my future. That goes for you too dad. Stop buying me clothes that wont fit in a month, help me save for my future. I love you guys. Love Alex! Make a contribution now"

That last sentence contained a hyperlink to his college fund. His dad sent it out to his grandparents. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this.

Never too early to teach your child to beg. For a good cause.

He certainly needs an education more than he needs toys. And these are people who love him and generally like giving him things. But still, some part of me feels uncomfortable putting his pudgy little hand out like that.

Perhaps he'll grow up to be a Nigerian prince.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Do you encourage others in what types of gifts they give your children?


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