Pantry Doctor Confessions: Day 1 Juice Cleanse

Lets be real.  

8:20 am- I woke up in a hotel in Charleston and had to abandon my usual habit of going downstairs to get a "bold" cup of coffee and some Raisin Bran with banana.  Instead I pack up my room and Google the closest juice bar.  Luckily, in Charleston I have many different options.  I didn't have to go far to reach Delz Vibez on King Street.

When I walked in, I told the man behind the counter that I was starting a juice cleanse and told him I had to only drink juice for 3 days.  He seemed surprised and said he had never heard of that.  Hmmm.  Might not be as mainstream as I think.  He suggested that I try a "Vitamin C Kick" which included oranges, carrots, spinach, ginger, and red/green apples.  The room filled with the sweet scent of oranges and carrots and I was actually looking forward to trying this juice.

I ordered a second juice to get me through the long drive home.  This one was called "The Green Stuff".  As college kids started to filter in the door and he greeted them each by name, I watched as he threw in cabbage, spinach, kale, celery, ginger, and more apples.  I leave with my 40 ounces of juice ready to tackle this day.

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11:00 am- I have only had my "Vitamin C Kick" thus far and begin to feel a little hungry.  I begin to sip on my green juice.  Not bad so far.

12:50 pm- I am choking down the last of my green juice which has settled with lots of green chunks on the bottom and tastes heavily of ginger.  I have to find a bathroom.  All I can think of is hot food.  I am on the road, so what am I going to do? H-U-N-G-R-Y.  Where am I going to find my next juice fix? The closest spot is my favorite vegan cafe in Columbia, The Lambs Bread.  This poses a problem.  I get to the counter and I order: vegan hot food.  STRIKE ONE.

2:20pm- I am sleepy.  Very sleepy.

3:00 pm- I am barely able to hold my eyes open and stay on the road. Must. Keep. Eyes. Open.  No caffeine?!

I manage to get back into Greenville, pick up my dog, and help a friend that had car problems.  I gave him a ride home and he cooked me dinner.  How could I refuse? STRIKE 2.  

I never said I thought this would be easy.  To my point, it isn't balanced and our body craves a healthy balanced diet.  However, I am no quitter.  I will see how I fare on Day 2.  I will let you know.  TTYL- Wendie.

Wendie Schneider RDN, MBA "The Pantry Doctor"


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