What has happened to pantyhose?  Remember the advertisements on TV showing women with great legs?  Remember those cute containers, which also came in very useful at Easter?  When did wearing pantyhose mean you had become an old lady? 

I remember informing my Mother that you could be a lady and not wear a girdle.  I remember a younger friend telling me that wearing a slip with every dress or skirt was not necessary.  However, I never expected to be pulled from my Niece's wedding reception, by one of my Daughter's, into the parking lot under the guise of her needing her purse from my car, only to hear once we made it to the car that I looked like an old lady in those ridiculous pantyhose.   I honestly thought I looked hot, but she convinced me to take them off, so I did and stuck them in the glove compartment of my car. 

Since then, I have noticed that older women, much older than I, are the only ones wearing pantyhose. I have gotten into the routine of applying self-tanning lotion in an effort to cover those little spider veins that have suddenly appeared.  I was a little concerned about having to remember to hold my stomach in all of the time until my other Daughter introduced me to Spanks. 

I now never have to worry about getting a run in my stockings. I no longer experience the frustration of having 5 pairs of pantyhose, in my drawer, with a runner in one leg of each pair, which always led to cutting off one leg of 2 pairs to make one decent pair. I think what I have saved in purchasing pantyhose exceeds what I have spent in self tanner.  I can wear sandals with the thing between the toes.  There is an upside.

Apparently, tights are still acceptable, but I think you only get to wear those in the winter or if you are a child.  I am still trying to explain to my Husband, why there were a pair of pantyhose in the glove compartment of my car.


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