Paper Bunting Names Craft

This one simple activity has multiple learning objectives.  Children will practice name writing and ordering as well build fine motor skills with tracing, cutting and lacing.  

 Materials Needed:


  • Triangle Template made from poster board or cardboard (2"x2"x2")
  • White Cardstock 
  • Yarn or String
  • Markers, Crayons, Pencils
  • Hole Punch
  • Scissors 


 1)  Provide child with triangle template, white card stock and a pencil.  They will lay template down on the white card stock and trace with pencil.  Show them how to hold down template so that the paper doesn't move while they are tracing.

2)  Once the triangle is traced, they will need to cut it out.  They will need to make one triangle for each letter of their first name.  For preschoolers you might choose to make the triangles ahead of time.

3)  Have child lay out the triangles in a row, points down.  They will use a favorite marker or crayon to write the letters of their name onto the triangles.  They will write one letter on each triangle.  You will want the students to write their name before lacing the triangles so that they can practice ordering the letters of their name when it's time to string them.

4) Next, they'll need to punch holes into the top two corners of each triangle.  This is so good for working those fine motor muscles, and they'll love using the hole punch!

5) Now it's time to string the triangles onto yarn or craft string.  They'll need to make sure that the letters are in the correct order.

Done!  Children can hang the paper bunting from their desk or chair, or post on their bedroom door.

Happy Teaching!