Paper Cone Animals...

The other day we got this book out of the library... IMG_0145
Ezra Jack Keats, is one of Violet's favorite authors.  I'm not sure if it's the books, the pictures, or the fact that she actually remembers his name, but she often requests we get one of his books on our trips to the library.

We were inspired by this little guy... IMG_0148
And decided to make some of our own little paper animals...

We made some simple paper cones... Cone collage
"Dumped" our supplies onto the table... IMG_0036
And began to create... IMG_0030
We came up with some pretty cute little guys... IMG_0044
We made some bunnies... IMG_0057
Some mice... IMG_0120
This one is Angelina Ballerina in case you didn't notice... IMG_0116
And, Henry's has a tail... Henry's mouse
And, one big chicky... IMG_0098

He makes me laugh!

And, here's the whole gang... IMG_0127
One big happy family! 

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