What Looks Like a Parachute on a Fire Plane?

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[Editor's Note: Being a mom to young boys is an interesting thing, let me tell you. I regularly am reminded that I "don't have a penis" because I'm "not a boy." I haven't yet run into the same situation as this mom at It's Not Like a Cat, but I came close once while traveling. Have you ever been caught by your kiddos, girls or boys, and trapped into a discussion not only about menstruation but feminine care products? At least this mom made it sound funny! -Jenna]

Like a Parachute on a Fire Plane:

TamponsYou have already explained to your son some days ago, when he noticed your o.b. variety pack on the back of the toilet, that healthy mommies (and other women) bleed once a month if they don't have babies in their tummies. Admittedly there are probably better ways to explain menstruation to preschoolers, but you were caught off guard when he asked.

So anyway, there you are in the bathroom with your husband and son, hoping they continue their conversation about the hatch on your son's plastic fire-fighting plane. You quickly unwrap the new tampon, hoping you can get it in place before --

Too late. He sees it.

Read on for some giggles caused by an awkward mother-son moment.

Photo Credit: gelatobaby.

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