Parades, Halloween, costume contests, and teasing

I haven't written in over a year.  Wow.  That's kind of a long time.  I recently got reinvigorated about my blogging thanks to having recently found about a mom of another girly boy, admittedly younger than mine.  It's a pretty awesome blog and very well written.  I've never really ever had writing ability.  I tend to be far too direct and non-descriptive.  I'm all - Here are the facts!  Read Them!  (very German)  I'm totally jealous of her ease with words.

Ro is 9 now.  Still much the same kid.  Still loves his legos, superheroes, princesses, and barbies.  He can't decide between Ariel, Ringo (an anime princess), and Captain America for his Halloween costume.  He's still in dance lessons.  He's recently developed a love for tap dancing.  He adores his tap class.  It's just him and a bunch of girls, and his teacher is wonderful.

Yesterday I took him to march with his ballet group in the local university homecoming parade.  He was super excited to march in his nutcracker soldier uniform.  He loves being in the spotlight.  He also adores chances to dress up in costume.

He was originally going to be in the nutcracker this year, but he got the flu and missed too many rehearsals.  He's sad not to be on stage, but happy to not have so much work.  He doesn't really like practicing.  I can't blame him.  When I was young I was horrible about practicing my violin.  If my parents didn't constantly hassle me about it, it would have never happened.

He kept debating before the parade what kind of step he should do. He tried different soldier marches and ballet steps.  He ended up being the only one of the soldier bunch really being in character and I was very proud of him. 

Our life is still full of odd moments.  When he went to the dentist this year, we had a new one.  It was a new dentist and he didn't know us very well.  My husband ended up being the one to take him to the appointment.  Ro wore jeans and a pink t-shirt.  My husband would refer ro Ro as a "he" and was *repeatedly corrected* by the staff who would then refer to Ro as a "she".  It was kind of bizarre.  Who thinks a dad is so out of touch with his kids he doesn't know what gender they are?

We went on vacation to our usual giant scifi/fantasy convention.  Ro entered the serious cosutme contest for the first time this year.  He had to bring reference photos, patternwork, and discuss his work and techniques.  He had made a transforming superhero princess costume.  His costume quick changed from a normal girl's secret identity to a superhero princess.  I thought it was totally awesome and creative.  It took him three months to make. 

When he went to talk with the judges, he ended up talking about his cats far more than he talked about his sewing.  The conpetition was tight.  One of the girls he was competing against had won two straight years before.  Her work was beautiful and flawless. 

After he talked to the judges we had to wait around for a few hours while they judged the other costumes (from youth to professional).  This turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  He ended up making friends with girls backstage who had interests in sewing like he did and were on the whole pretty open minded and cool people.  One of them even wrote to him after con and he was thrilled to get that letter.

He was suprprised and thrilled when they called him to the stage as the winner.  He pretty much ran onto the stage.  They were understanding laughs amid the crowd as he ran up to the announcer smiling from ear to ear.

It was easily the highlight of his vacation.

He's also passed an unplesant, but I expect inevitable, milestone in his childhood.  He got teased by a group of kids.  His boys ballet class has some new kids in it this year.  Many of whom have never met a kid like Ro.  He came to his first class with his hair held back in his pink headband.


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