Parasitic life forms. No, not husbands.

    Here we are with the first post. First of all if you are reading this, thank you for stopping by. Lets not dance around with pleasantries and get right to it shall we?

     Currently, I have been a stay at home mom for 4 years. Love it? Sometimes. Then again sometimes I want to kick small furry animals and throw a car. Even though I am a stay at home mother, I do work. My employment is a daycare I run from the home of my mother in law with said mother in law. I am still technically at home since we also live with my in laws. Depressing much? Yes, yes, we are in a recession and lots of people are in the same situation. That does not make it ok. Putting icing on poop does not make that poopy suddenly a wonderful addition to your diet.

     However, I am lucky in the fact that my in laws are kind and easy to get along with. There has been no fear of fights or poisonings just yet. Although my mother in laws cooking does sometimes cause you to question just how many chickens are in the world. Every meal....chicken. But we will get to that another time! Lets leave some mystery for another day.

    Today's bitching point is FLEAS! Seriously, these things are driving me to the breaking point. Its my blood damn it! MY BLOOD! Sprays, vacuuming, powders. Nothing! I have to be careful what I use since I have my four year old. What can kill these bugs that will not make our skin glow green in the process??

     These are not normal fleas either. During the day I find maybe three. At night.... at night they are waiting. They see me lay down, nothing. They see me toss and turn for an hour, they still wait. They see me close my eyes, nothing yet. Just as I am slipping into dream land BAM!! They strike! One will land right beside my nostril sending me into a blind rage, stampeding like an angry rhino across the savana. All the while my husband and son sleep peacefully through the screaming as I slap my face into meatloaf.

     That's another thing. How do men no matter what the age sleep just fine? My husband goes from awake to knocked out in 5 minutes max. WHAT THE HELL? Why am I the one awake thinking of procedures to save my family in natural disasters and he is banging Scarlett Johansson on the moon?

     Bedtime, its just not what it used to be.

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